Tree Removal

Removal of trees is a very necessary part of our business.  Dead, dying, or hazardous trees often times must come down to safeguard the general public and property.  We also remove trees to reduce competition with other trees and plants, and for new construction.  Our climbers are extremely well versed and experienced in the art of tree removal, including crane removals.


Tree pruning is necessary to remove dead and dying branches to keep the tree healthy and safe from hazards.  Thinning is the reduction of live branches throughout the crown of the tree to allow air and light penetration, reducing the sail effect and fungal diseases of the leaves.  Crown Reduction is sometimes necessary to compensate for structural weakness, shape, or limited space.

Cabling & Bracing

Cables and brace rods are installed to provide supplemental support to weak branch unions and multi stemmed trees.  This hardware aids in reducing storm damage when added weight from snow or ice, or high winds could cause weak tree parts to fail.

Lightening Protection systems greatly reduce the chance of tree damage and structural damage to houses in close proximity to trees by guiding the strike away from the tree and structure.

Lightening Protection

When trees are chlorotic (leaves turning yellow), and the soil is deficient of certain nutrients, deep root fertilization can replace those nutrients in the soil allowing your trees and plants to thrive.

Deep Root Fertilization

Our certified Arborists will check your trees for overall health and safety, structural weaknesses, and insect and disease problems, and provide you with specific recommendations on how to handle each issue.

Tree Inspection

Periodic inspections are necessary to assess trees for insects and disease.  Our arborists will identify the problem and come up with a treatment plan that best suits the needs of the plant and client.

Diagnosis &

Many thanks for the work involved in removing our family’s Sycamore. We appreciated your handling of logistics with Cedarbrook Pool. Your workmen did a splendid job even though we morn the loss of the tree.
— W. Shannon in Kensington, MD 20895